May 2019 Update / F.A.Q ;)

Big thanks to the guys that joined me on Discord yesterday, and all the demo downloaders and users that have signed up on the site here.

In answer to questions..

Yes this is a real project. 🙂

I work alone and have some health issues, and have had to slow my development plans.

I started this for my kids initially, using free assets and learning Unity, coming from a web background and years of running/playing with e.g. private Minecraft and Wow servers.

I’ve always coded since I was about eight but have been learning C# from scratch this last year as I get my head around Unity Dev.

Now that I’m much more comfortable with C# RodentWars needed a rewrite to be able to actually do what I want.

I also paused to learn SteamWorks more, so am aiming for a next build with lobby, networked battle and a few weapons, that I feel is ‘step 1’ to actually having something worth charging money for as ‘early access’ on the Steam Store.

Personally, I’m doing this on a shoe-string in the hope I can get RW ‘green-lighted’ on Steam, and the initial income is enough… well, that I can eat properly whilst continuing to build the maps and artwork, as well as possibly hire a dedicated worldserver. 😀

Thanks for continued interest and support guys! Well appreciated and I am really looking forward to doing a new build knowing the interest is out there and you are enjoying what I’m doing. I’d love to have this as a community, player-led project and am happy to listen to any and all feedback and ideas.


Chris Asher @xen23

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